Software, Game, and Cheat Engineer

Hi... I like to make things and break things.

DayZ Battle Royale
DayZ Standalone Mod
DayZ Standalone NFT Mod
Drano Max Skill
CS:GO Cheat
EqualCheats 2.0
Invite-Only DMA Cheat Provider
Desolation Redux
ArmA III Mod
Game Cheat Provider
DeFi Asset Fund
BattleRoyale: Ghost Hotel
ArmA III Mission


I started development as a game-cheat creator for many different video games. Moving beyond this, I spent years working as a mod developer for the Arma-series of games. During which time, I came to meet and work with many well known names in the game industry, such as PlayerUnknown.
I have knowledge in Reverse Engineering, C, C++, C#, Golang, Javascript, Java, and Solidity.

DayZ BattleRoyale
Project Lead
November 2018 — forever
EqualCheats 2.0
Owner & Lead Developer
January 2021 — forever
Project Lead
July 2021 — forever
Owner & Lead Developer
November 2013 — May 2014
Arma 3 BattleRoyale
Lead Developer
May 2014 — September 2014
Desolation Redux
Lead SQF Developer
Oct 2015 — Jul 2016